Friday, February 8, 2013

Inventory #11

Thursday, February 7th
3:00 pm
45˚ Sunny

coat hangers some of them nice wood ones from The Edgewater in Madison, Wisconsin
a couple of raw yams
straw hat
two pairs of flip-flops
two fresh banana peels
small colored bible quote / prayer cards

men's Footjoy golf shoes
many books including:
"The House on Hope Street" by Danielle Steele
"Introduction to Economic Science" by George Soule
"Gather Together in My Name" by Maya Angelou
"Discipline and the Disruptive Child" 
Kansas City Scouts tote bag
blue sidewalk chalk
one ping-pong ball
"They Grow Like Weeds" posters by Anne Geddes
Pioneer Investments white baseball cap
handwritten cardboard sign that read "Homeless & Pregnant  Cold, Hungry + Very Tired  Please Help!  Thanks"
close to a full set of 1958 World Book encyclopedias 
Bible Fun coloring book and mazes
dried dandelions carefully wrapped and packaged in plastic bags
1991-92 color proofs for cover of Explore Magazine from the University of Kansas

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