Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comparing dumpsters in the Give Take Give alley

In the alley that runs in between New Hampshire and Rhode Island, from 9th and 10th streets there are five large blue city dumpsters, including the one behind the Social Service League. As a way of gauging the unique nature of what moves through the League dumpster, I took a walk down the alley to see what I'd find in the other four.

The alley looking north from 10th Street

Salvation Army dumpster

Dumpster behind 935 Rhode Island

Inside the dumpster behind 935 Rhode Island

Detail of trash in 935 Rhode Island dumpster

Lawrence Arts Center dumpsters including one for recycling cardboard

Bagged trash in Arts Center dumpster

Leaves in the Arts Center dumpster

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inventory #12

Friday, February 15th
11:00pm  31˚  snowing

Saturday, February 16th
2:30 pm  45˚  sunny

Glancing through the window of the Gaslight Tavern I noticed it was snowing all of a sudden, big flakes with almost no wind, landing in snow globe slow motion. I'd been planning on doing a night time inventory at the dumpster, but now with the snow what would I be able to see? I went anyway.

I love walking through falling snow as the harsh noise of the street becomes muffled and life slows down. Approaching the dumpster, it seemed empty - nothing protruding over its edges or spilling into the alley. I looked in just as a police car pulled away.

What could I write down? Maybe I saw the outline of a shoe and a curled up... body,  but who could say? I could get in (it would be harder getting out) but I decided not to. I'd rather imagine what's there than know, rather make-up a story than make another list of things. Look closely. What do you see?

Postscript: I returned about twelve hours later to see what would be revealed after the snow had melted, and was greeted by this herd of mismatched giraffes carefully placed along the dumpster's rounded edge.
To be continued...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Inventory #11

Thursday, February 7th
3:00 pm
45˚ Sunny

coat hangers some of them nice wood ones from The Edgewater in Madison, Wisconsin
a couple of raw yams
straw hat
two pairs of flip-flops
two fresh banana peels
small colored bible quote / prayer cards

men's Footjoy golf shoes
many books including:
"The House on Hope Street" by Danielle Steele
"Introduction to Economic Science" by George Soule
"Gather Together in My Name" by Maya Angelou
"Discipline and the Disruptive Child" 
Kansas City Scouts tote bag
blue sidewalk chalk
one ping-pong ball
"They Grow Like Weeds" posters by Anne Geddes
Pioneer Investments white baseball cap
handwritten cardboard sign that read "Homeless & Pregnant  Cold, Hungry + Very Tired  Please Help!  Thanks"
close to a full set of 1958 World Book encyclopedias 
Bible Fun coloring book and mazes
dried dandelions carefully wrapped and packaged in plastic bags
1991-92 color proofs for cover of Explore Magazine from the University of Kansas