Monday, October 29, 2012

Inventory #7

Coming back to Lawrence after two months in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, I found the dumpster filled to the brim with a mix of trash and treasures. I also learned that construction of the Marriott hotel fifteen feet to the west of the dumpster would begin just as soon as the site was tested for remains of victims of Quantrill's Raid. It's true, the corner of 9th & New Hampshire was, in 1856, the planned building site of St. Lukes AME Church. Before construction began back then, the Raid occurred and some believe that African-American soldiers who had been killed in the fighting were buried in a trench that had been laid out for the building.

If remains are found, construction would be slowed and possibly put on hold until a full investigation of the site was completed. This being close to Halloween, I can only imagine what might happen if the contractors went ahead with building the hotel on top of such a significant grave site.

Inventory #7
Saturday, October 27th
5:00 pm
sunny about 43˚

In the dumpster
brightly colored crocheted infant jumper
Cannonball Splash waterslide
small orange life jacket
black Aqua Socks
t-strap women's black flats size 4 1/2
"Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Chrisite
red cardigan baby sweater
lime green plastic coffee cup
two large Snoopy-like stuffed animal dogs
small women's black cardigan sweater

"The Ocean" book from Scientific American
Madonna's "Bette Davis Dub" cassette
large Gap green sweater
infant "Hunny" play seat
9" x 12" Frederic canvas board
unopened fruit-themed decorative wallpaper border
soiled white leather purse
cd/cassette portable audio system with speakers
cut Canna Lily plants that had been growing next to the dumpster
lots more at the bottom of the dumpster that I couldn't get to