Monday, November 26, 2012

NPR story - Give and Take

 I heard this story on Morning Edition today. It describes the 'social rule of reciprocation' and how it appears to influence our behavior whenever we're given gifts - even by strangers. The story doesn't quite get into the idea of gift economies but does talk about our inclination to create ties with people through a cycle of gifts - not unlike what happens at the Social Service League dumpster.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Inventory #8

Inventory #8
Friday, November 16th
4:30 pm
Sunny about 58˚

at least three pairs of sweatpants
assorted sweatshirts
turkey shaped couch pillow
tabletop children's soccer game
heavily used black converse low-tops
Yamaha electronic Porta Sound keyboard
"Trail of Broken Promises" stickers
one baby doll intact
one baby doll head
twenty-five unused Wildcarrotherbal small paper sacks
yellow plastic box filled with green plastic army men
snow globe with snowman lying on his side at the bottom
Lawrence Peace and Justice Coalition November newsletter
Fischer Price pink piggy bank (empty)
size 8m brown Bass shoes with wedge heel
wicker bowls
Budweiser Good Sport red party beads
package of 800 gold sequins
assorted small children's toys