Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inventory #13

Sunday,  March 17, 2013
Saint Patrick's Day
37˚ overcast

With sounds of the St. Patrick's Day parade echoing from a block away, I made my last inventory before sending off the Give Take Give book to be printed. When I peeked over the edge of the dumpster,  I saw this looking back at me -

It was bound to happen - eventually something of mine, some photo, letter, artwork was going to show up. I've run into the personal items of lots of people I know and many more I don't over the years. I thought about leaving the Spring 2008 issue of Lawrence Magazine there, then thought it would weird if somebody else found it thinking that maybe I had thrown it out, or worse placed it there for effect, and so decided to give it to my mom. I didn't tell her where I got it. With that resolved, I resumed my inventory to find a particularly wide assortment of cast-offs awaiting the gleaners.

box of assorted hair curlers
Smithsonian magazines
extra-large Legos
jar of shoe leather cleaner
ceramic soap dish
Esquire magazines
"The Paul E. Wilson Project for Innocence & Post conviction Remedies: 2011-2012 Manual"
wooden shape match children's game
quilt patterns
gray-blue winter coat
toy walkie-talkies

Piglet's Big Movie dvd
notebook with weekly schedules and motivational essay on running marathons
St. Joesph's Indian School flower stickers
Scottish coloring book
New Yorker magazines
Medela Starter Assistance Supplemental Nursing Device
Play Skool map of the U.S. showing annexed and purchased territories
East Texas State University "Special" magazine from 1973
"Pooh Has Ears" book
alphabet jigsaw puzzle